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Quinnipiac Poll Shows Dodd, Lieberman In Trouble, Rell's Numbers Remain High
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The latest Quinnipiac University poll shows Senator Chris Dodd in trouble if he seeks re-election while Governor Rell maintains a high approval rating. 

Doug Schwartz is Quinnipiac University's Polling Director. He says the poll indicates Dodd is vulnerable if he runs for re-election in 2010, because of controversy surrounding  the Senator.  56 percent of voters say they're less likely to vote for Dodd because of reports that he got special treatment when he refinanced two homes with Countrywide. 

"We've been polling for fifteen years on Senator Dodd and he's dropped down to an all-time low of 41 percent job approval. It's the first time more people disapprove of the job that Senator Dodd is doing than approve."

Schwartz adds these numbers only encourage the Republican party to find a candidate to run against Dodd next year.

Connecticut's junior Senator also didn't fare well in the poll.  Only 48 percent of voters approve of the job Senator Joe Lieberman is doing.

Schwartz says the poll also asked voters who they'd vote for in the 2012 Senate race.

"There has been some buzz that Blumenthal may challenge Lieberman in 2012 and we found that if he did then Blumenthal would easilty defeat Sen Lieberman. "

The poll found that 58 percent would vote for State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal over Lieberman.

And despite the bad economy in Connecticut and the state's growing deficit--Schwartz says Jodi Rell is still the Teflon Governor. 75 percent of voters think Rell is doing a good job...

16 hundred voters were polled last week with a margin of error of two and a half percentage points.