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Quiet on the Set...
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Photo by Meghan Foehl
I have safely arrived in Cannes, France after much flight delay. Today, May 11, Creative Minds took us on a tour of the festival circuit. We visited different theaters which host smaller films, saw the Carlton, Majestic and Martinez hotels where the celebrities and film companies stay, and ended up at the Palais des Festivals where we received our accreditation badges. Most films at the festival rely on a point system to gain admittance, where tickets are purchased through points. My main goal is to try to a secure red carpet ticket to Robin Hood, but I won’t find out if I got it until 9 am tomorrow morning.
It’s really interesting to watch the city set up for this festival.Photo by Meghan Foehl A lot of the hotels on La Croisette, the main street, host parties on the beach so there were many people busily constructing posh lounges by the water. Opening day is tomorrow so everyone is hard at work!
Tomorrow I will meet with my intern host company, ITN Distribution, along with my two fellow interns, to find out our expectations for the rest of the trip. On our days off, I’m hoping to get in to see as many films as possible, as the smaller more independent or foreign films have different show times throughout the week.
Check back for more festival information and movie reviews as the Cannes Film Festival begins tomorrow May 12!