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A Proposal for Recycling Paint
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Connecticut lawmakers are considering a bill that would shift the responsibility for recycling and disposing of paint from cities and towns ----- to paint manufacturers. The House is expected to vote on it tomorrow.

Under the proposed law, paint producers would form a non-profit stewardship group that would arrange for the collection, recycling and re-use of oil-based and latex paint. The program would be paid for by increasing the cost of a can paint. In Oregon, which passed the first paint recycling law last year, the price of paint went up by 75 cents a gallon. Cheryl Reedy, Director of the Housatonic Resources Recovery Authority, said despite this increase the bill would be good for consumers.

“There will be more times and more places that they can get rid of unwanted paint. And know that it is being handled in a way that is not going to pollute their water sources or other part sof their environment.”

Right now consumers can get rid of oil-based paint only on the few hazardous-waste collection days, paid for by municipalities. Beside Connecticut, Vermont and California are also considering a paint recycling law.

For WNPR, I'm Nancy Cohen.