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Postal Service Lists Connecticut Branches That May Close
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The US Postal Service has published the names of 13 post offices in Connecticut that may close under a new reorganization.

When it first announced its cost cutting plan a month ago, the Postal Service said up to 150 offices in the state could be considered for closure.  Now that’s been narrowed to 13. The county hardest hit is New Haven with five offices on the list that are in or around the city, but there are also proposed closures in Hartford, East Hartford, West Hartford, Bridgeport and Stamford. Town manager in West Hartford, Ron van Winkle says the service must to be responsive to local needs as it considers closures.

"We would hope that the Post Office would begin to sit down with us soon to give us their thoughts, and if they do decide to close one of the branches that we have a conversation about how they will address the customer needs in the other branches so that we can make sure that our customers are being served." 

USPS is projecting it will see 14% less mail this year, both because of the recession and increased online competition.  That could add up to a shortfall of $1.5bn. Now that the 13 Connecticut branches have been identified officials will undertake studies to look at service, delivery routes, and possible alternatives for customers. Once the studies are complete officials say they’ll consider whether to allow public comment before closures in October. The postal service hasn’t yet said how much it might save with the plan.


The full list of offices to be studied for closure is as follows:

Old State House station, Hartford

Blue Hills station, Hartford

Trolley Square branch, New Haven

West Hartford branch

East Hartford branch

Glenbrook station, Stamford

West Avenue station, Stamford

Nobel station, Bridgeport

Kilby station

Baybrook station

Mt. Carmel carrier annex

Westville station

Barnum station