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Politics becomes a grind
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Sure, I love this stuff.  Sure, it's the most exciting, and important election of a lifetime.  But I am just about done as of today...and there are still weeks to go.  Starting to wear down while in all poltics, all the time mode.  Hoping I'm not losing focus on what people really care to listen to.   Do you have a sense?  Leave me a comment...are we talking too much politics, or not enough?  Too much about the economy, or could we do more?

In Fairfield today, talking with Democrat Jim Himes, who's running against Chris Shays in the 4th district.  Himes doesn't strike me as the political type (he doesn't have a political background) but he gave some pretty politically facile answers today - especially around his 12 years at Goldman Sachs.  He seems uniquely qualified to answer questions about the financial meltdown, Wall Street, and complicated investment banking schemes.  So, I asked him...but he didn't seem to want to talk too much about that stuff.  Did an interesting job defending our financial-services-based economy, and the role of lenders in making it happen.  All in all, a pretty interesting interview, in front of a small crowd of danish-eating and coffee-drinking Fairfield University students.  Nice photos on the site by Chion Wolf, too. 

Tomorrow, Ralph Nader live in Winsted at Regional 7 High School.  It's Nader's hometown - and my new hometown.  We're actually neighbors, and I see him every once in a while.  It's still strange running into one of America's most important figures, while driving down your street.  Not literally running into him....you know what I mean.