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Peru Will Sue Yale for Return of Artifacts
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The Peruvian government says it will sue Yale University over the return of hundreds of artifacts from the Incan site of Machu Picchu.
The artifacts – jewelry, ceramic vessels and human bones – arrived in New Haven nearly a century ago under an agreement with the Peruvian government.  In 2006 Peru threatened to sue to get them back.   

Last year, Yale announced a tentative agreement with Peru, calling for collaborative stewardship of the objects. But Peru says it wants all the archeological pieces returned. Yale officials met with Peru’s foreign minister in September, but failed to reach a deal.  

Now the state newspaper El Peruano says the Justice Ministry will assign a prosecutor to press Peru’s case against Yale.

 In a statement, Yale said it was dismayed by the news and “continues to believe that an accord can be reached that would meet the goals of the parties and the broad public interest”.  Peru has not announced when it will take formal legal action.