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Perez Meets with Bond Rating Agencies after Arrest
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In the days since his arrest, Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez has had meetings with representatives from both Standard and Poor's and Moody's. Those agencies are in the process of updating Hartford's bond rating, which is based on, among other factors, the city's management. The mayor's spokeswoman Sarah Barr says the mayor's arrest did not come up in either meeting.  

Perez also opened a press conference at Hartford Public High School on Thursday to announce a new funding initiative for Hartford schools from insurance company Travelers.

After the announcement, he said he would not address the criminal charges against him. He reiterated that he will continue to perform the duties of his office, including serving as chairman of the school board. 

"That's my goal. To continue to do everything that I can to benefit each and every resident, and you know, show that we've made progress. Today's an illustration of a confidence that people have in the reform agenda that we've put in place."

The Travelers announcement had been planned for weeks, as the company refocuses its charitable giving on public education. In Hartford, the company will continue to contribute a million dollars a year. What's new is that the money will be targeted to two initiatives: the training of principals and the development of new schools.

The shift in focus for Travelers also means that it will decrease its giving over time to arts and community organizations in Hartford.