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"Only thing standing between us and primatism..."
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Yes, that's how Hartford Courant columnist and former WTIC talk-show host Colin McEnroe described Where We Live on the show today.  That was, I think, just before he made fun of my tie.  Look for the video of this on CTN soon.  

It was fun catching up with Colin on-air, after he was so unceremoniously dumped by CBS Radio in a cost-cutting move.  The range of goodwill coming from callers (including a conservative who claimed to be the last caller on his morning show years ago) speaks to the impact he's had on the community.

He wrote about the appearance in advance on his Courant blog, and as suggested, we did shamelessly use his appearance to raise money for the station.  We also gave back some love, talking briefly about his "Classical Connections" series with Ed Cumming and the HSO.