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Dispute Arises Over Olive Oil Purity Law
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A New York food importer wants to stop enforcement of Connecticut’s new standards to protect the purity of olive oil.

Last year food inspectors discovered that some tins labeled “extra virgin olive oil” on sale in Connecticut, were mostly soybean oil mixed with low grade olive-pomace oil.  Some tins contained peanut and hazelnut oils, which can be fatal for people with serious food allergies. So the state adopted new regulations that mirror those of International Olive Council in Spain. They create legal definitions for “virgin”, “extra virgin” and “olive-pomace” oil.

Now, Dennis Kangadis of Kangadis Food Incorporated in Hauppauge NY has filed papers in Hartford Superior Court asking for a temporary injunction to prevent the Department of Consumer Protection from enforcing the regulations.  He says there’s confusion between federal olive oil guidelines and those adopted by Connecticut. And that, he says, is unfairly affecting his olive oil business. A hearing on the matter is set for July.


Oil regulations in CT

So this guy doesn't care if he kills someone with his products if they aren't "olive oil", "virgin olive oil", or "extra virgin olive oil"?  Then I don't think he should be allowed to sell his products in the State of Connecticut.  Rules, laws and regulations are made for a reason, whether it is a state law/regulation or a federal law/regulation.

Olive Oil Dispute

You are so right.  People like this should not be allowed to do business in CT.  All they truely care about is $$. Life is not important to him then keep doing what your doing somewhere else.  Maybe other states will follow our example and cut him off too.