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No Refunds For Opera Subscribers
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The Connecticut Opera recently announced that it was cancelling the remaining two productions of its season.  And subscribers won’t be getting their money back.  But some Hartford-area arts groups say they’ll honor unfulfilled subscriptions.

The Connecticut Opera was to have marked its 67th season this month..but music will not fill the air.  Instead the Opera is closing, says Board Chairman John Kreitler. He blames the bad economy,  weak ticket sales, and a falloff in contributions. "The combination of those factors put us in a position where we couldn’t go forward and we couldn’t go backwards. We could only stop.."

He says CT Opera will not declare bankruptcy because it’s too expensive and wouldn’t benefit unsecured creditors.  Ticket holders won’t get refunds. "The assets which remain of the Connecticut Opera, which are relatively few, are in the control of our secured lenders and that means that there are no available funds to refund to ticket buyers."

The Attorney General’s Office has opened an investigation.

The Hartford Symphony Orchestra and TheatreWorks have offered to honor unfulfilled subscriptions to select performances. And people who bought single tickets through the Bushnell Theatre can get their money back.  But arts administrators worry that more patrons may turn to single ticket sales if they’re not sure that they’ll get to see all the performances that they pay for in a subscription series.