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Newly Registered Voters May Affect 4th District Race
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The surge in new voters could play a key role in the closely contested Fourth Congressional District.  Long time Republican Congressman Chris Shays is in a tough race against Democratic challenger Jim Himes.

15,000 new voters have registered in Bridgeport alone…and most are expected to vote for Barack Obama.  But that may not necessarily translate into additional support for Jim Himes, Democratic candidate     for Congress. That’s according to Lennie Grimaldi, long time political operative who moderates the daily blog “Only in Bridgeport”.

"You have an awful lot of voters who are inspired by   Obama who will likely go in and fill in Barack Obama’s oval and then bail out."

In the last presidential election, about 37,000 Bridgeport voters cast a ballot for president…but only 33,000 voted for the Congressional candidate.  With this year’s race in a dead heat, Democrats are trying to persuade new voters to vote a complete Democratic ticket . Incumbent Chris Shays, is expected to win most of the suburban towns.  Again Lennie Grimaldi.

"I don’t see evidence of Shays losing his strong Republican moderate base in Fairfield County. But we’re looking at a really close race."

National public radio has issued its predictions and expects Jim Himes to upset Chris Shays, the last Republican member of the House in New England.