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New Haven Residents Sue ICE Officials
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Ten Connecticut residents arrested in immigration raids in 2007 filed a lawsuit today against US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

The complaint alleges that ICE agents entered homes in New Haven without search warrants,  and arrested residents based solely on their race or ethnicity.  The lawsuit says ICE was retaliating against New Haven’s identification program which offers ID cards to all residents,  including undocumented immigrants.

Ana Munoz is a Yale University law student representing the plaintiffs. "Even when we are enforcing our immigration laws, the constitution still applies. And anybody who suffers from unconstitutional treatment is going to defend their rights."

Defendants in the case include the former assistant secretary of Homeland Security for ICE, Julie Myers. A spokesperson for the agency says ICE does not comment on matters pending before a court. 


Illegal aliens suing ICE

If they were not here legally, they should have been arrested...and deported.

there illegal immigrants

there illegal immigrants they haev no rights, if you go to mexico or any other country and get caught doing something illegal they dont have any mercy like we do.  The fact that NH was giving out ID cards to illegals should have been illegal(aiding illegal immigrants? pretty sure thats illegal)

I agree with Bill, I'm tired

I agree with Bill, I'm tired of my tax dollars paying for illegal immigrants, we have processes that they need to adhere to.