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New CT Coalition Asks Rell to Raise Revenues
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In anticipation to Goveror Rell's budget adress, a newly formed coalition is urging lawmakers to rethink the state's budget plan. As WNPR's Marie Kuhn reports, the group is recommending a plan that would raise the state's revenue stream while protecting public services. 

Better Choices for Connecticut is made up of non-profit organizations, public service-workers, and community and advocacy groups.

Douglas Hall, Acting Managing Director at Connecticut Voices for Children, spoke at a press conference on behalf of the new coalition. He outlined a five point plan that would reduce the state's budget deficit by an estimated $2.9 Billion.

To achieve that goal, some of the recommendations include raising the Income tax on the wealthy and a state sales tax increase from six to seven percent.

Hall says the proposal is based on a state-wide survey by the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition that show residents favor creating new revenue rather that cutting state services.

"We're confident that that package collectively will allow Connecticut to weather today's economic storm, to build a more solid, fiscal structure for the state moving forward, and to allow our families and our communities to grow stronger overtime, rather than being decimated by very painful and harmful budget cuts today."

Governor Rell has said she will not propose any tax increases in her upcoming budget address.

However, Hall says asking more of those with the greatest is the least damaging approach to closing a budget gap.