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New Bill Could Help Dairy Farmers Stay Alive
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HARTFORD -- Governor Jodi Rell has signed a bill that will temporarily help the state's struggling dairy farms stay afloat.

The bill will increase the fee people pay when they file land documents with town clerks, from $30 to $40. Most of the funds gathered from the fee go into the Community Investment Account, or CIA.

Under current law, that money is distributed to a variety of state programs. Representative Bryan Hurlburt says now, more money from the account will be directed to dairy farmers.

"What the bill says is that we re-work the CIA funding percentage. Now, 40 percent will go to dairy farms, which will be about $8 million on an annual basis."

Don Tuller, president of the Connecticut Farm Bureau Association, says milk is a unique commodity -- no matter how the market is going, cows need to be fed and milked every day. And milk can't be stored like grain.

Those pressures have forced nearly 300 of the state's dairy farms to close since the early 90s. And dairy farmers continue to struggle with a low milk prices, which have dropped nearly 25 percent since 1998.

Tuller says the federal pricing formula does not take into account the higher production costs in the northeast, and milk farmers in Connecticut have been loosing a dollar on every gallon of milk sold.

"We would much rather be getting the price from the market place, but the way the milk is controlled federally, and the fact that it's so difficult to keep the supply exactly in line with demand. It was the only thing we could figure out to kind of keep them in the business til' things could get better."

In a recent statement, Governor Rell said she has joined other New England governors to change in the way milk is priced at the federal level.



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When more people educate themselves about the massive increases in many diseases from the bovine secretions nature designed perfectly for what????? A baby calf( just as ALL mammalian milk IS desighed for HER OWN YOUNG),this industry will die, as it should NEVER HAVE BEGUN IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Humans are the only species that takes, no steals, the milk from other species, other species who NEVER drink milk past weaning age, around two.

Yes, humanity does seem to be stuck in the terrible two's .

READ books by Dr. Benjamin Spock, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Frank Oski, Barbara Reed Stitt(20 years as a probation officer who knows cow milk has adverse affects on mood and more), Dairy Education Board founder, Robert Cohen, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn  Jr., Kathy Fretson. Kerry Saunders, or type in:





The American people have been duped and doped by the dairy industry which has more power over congress than they should. If anything, let's help them convert to sustainable, healthier products that we can eat directly instead of using cows as the intramediary.WAY BIG CARBON FOOTPRINT!

How do they get their calcium? Ever heard of horses, cows, other huge mammals with osteoporosis?


NOPE. They don't suffer from it as those  who have the highest rates do, humans who drink the most milk and consume the most animal based "food."