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UConn takes on election...4th district race in dead heat
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We taped tomorrow's show at UConn's Dodd Center this afternoon, as part of a daylong political symposium.  It was complete with three political scientists, one who just polled the 4th district race (more on that later) and the Presidents of the college Republicans and Democrats.  When asked, both students said there was a lot of political activity on campus. But a UConn poll shows a different reality.  Eighty percent of students polled said they were following things closely, but only about 17 percent attended rallies, or signed a petition, and less than a quarter sighend up for a candidate email list. 

In our continuing coverage of the tight 4th district race, we got to talk to Sam Best, director of the UConn Poll about their latest data.  It shows a dead heat - 44 percent for Chris Shays and his Democratic opponent Jim Himes.  Best says things are still very much up in the air because of the high number of undecided voters in the district...the number's not as high as the earlier poll by Sacred Heart University, but 1 in 10 is still pretty big at this time in the campaign.

Here's the account of the poll press conference by Christine Stuart at ctnewsjunkie.com.

You can also listen to the entire press conference by the poll director Sam Best on this page...