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Nader energizes high school crowd, jaded host
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Just two days ago, I was grumbling about how this political season has just about ground me down.  Then, on Tuesday, we took the show to Northwestern Regional High School in Winsted, for a forum with Ralph Nader and students.  Maybe it was the fact that my commute was less than five minutes...maybe it was just such a stark contrast with the previous night's "town hall" debate which provided so little fire...but this was energizing.

The students asked great, thoughtful, diverse questions...and Nader showed, again, why he's been such a force for so many years.  You might not like his politics, and you might not like how he's chosen to spend his time the last few years, but you can't argue with the energy he displays at 74.

I asked him "Where's the next Ralph Nader?"  And, he didn't seem to know.  There might not be one....ever.  

Rick Green from the Courant was there, as was a TV crew from the BBC, shooting a piece on Nader.  Unknown to us, there was something else there, too.  From the AP:

A 15-year-old student is suspended after bringing a fake gun to his Winsted school this week during presidential candidate Ralph Nader's visit. The unnamed student brought the fake pistol to Northwestern Regional High on Wednesday as Nader visited the school during a stop in his hometown. The student was issued a juvenile summons for breach of peace. 

(Sigh) I'm in a bad mood again.