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Murphy, Cappiello spar on bailout, fundraising
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The best way to do our programs with candidates for congress is back-to-back, but because of scheduling, that rarely happens.  So, we were thrilled to have on 5th district Congressman Chris Murphy and his Republican challenger David Cappiello the last two days.  (Both shows were taped for CTN - check their schedule for details)

A study in contrasts?  Not really.  Both are young, rising stars in their parties.  Murphy took out the veteran Republican Nancy Johnson two years ago, riding the wave of dissatisfaction with the GOP-run congress.  Cappiello is, by all counts, a well-liked State Senator who has made headlines by calling for the resignations of former Governor John Rowland and former Senate Minority Leader Lou DeLuca.  

But callers and emailers were more interested in his ties to Danbury trash-hauler (and convicted racketeer) James Galante.  Cappiello, who had written a letter of support for Galante years ago because of his charitable work told us "It's embarrassing to be that wrong, but I was wrong."  

But Cappiello took on Murphy for some of his fundraising practices - including taking hundreds of thousands from donors in the financial services industry, while serving on the Financial Services Committee.  This is after he criticized Nancy Johnson for her "big pharma" donors while writing prescription drug legislation.  

The other big differences: Cappiello says he wouldn't have supported the bailout bill, Murphy voted for it twice.