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Murphy Calls for State-Wide Strategy in Using E-Funds
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The federal stimulus package will grant money to towns and local governments so they can start implementing energy conservation strategies. Connecticut Congressman Christopher Murphy says Connecticut needs a state-wide approach.

Murphy said he'd like the state to set a goal of having up to 30 percent of schools run on solar and wind technology within the next 10 to 20 years. But he warned the state needs a comprehensive and wholistic approach when spending the money.

"Instead of having every school and every school district to decide for themselves, you know we probably need to have a much broader state-wide strategy," said Murphy on WNPR's Where We Live. "Again, this is about long term energy efficiency, but in the short term, it's about putting people to work installing and creating those projects."

From October through December of last year, Plainville High School saved $3,500 in energy costs thanks to solar panels on it's roof. The town of Plainville has retrofitted three of their five schools with solar panels, paid for with a combination of from the state, the town, and the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.