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Author Mary Collins talked about her new book "American Idle" on Where We Live recently, and now she's the subject of a big article on the front page of the Courant's "Life" section.  She's also been featured recently in the New Britain Herald and the Bristol Press.  

It's the sort of message we seem to be hearing a lot about in the last few years, but one that we don't seem to heed.  We've got pretty solid science telling us to move around more, and we're also being told to cut out all that comfort food.  

This, of course, brings up the obvious questions again: Is our obesity epidemic caused by our own lack of self control?  Should government policy be aimed at curbing our excesses and promoting our exercise?  Well, clearly the Center for Consumer Freedom thinks not.  In this LA Times blog piece, you'll see how obesity docs, meeting in DC are being lobbied hard to drop their plans for a sugary soda tax.  

Gates and Gates on Public Health Investments, Good and Bad

Pretty fascinating conversation between NPR's Steve Inskeep and Bill and Melinda Gates today.  The couple talked honestly about how some of the funding they've put toward global health crises has not exactly worked - including plans to "create a microbicide that would protect women from sexually transmitted diseases."  That caught my ear, following our Where We Live discussion yesterday about global women's health with Adrienne Germain from the International Women's Health Coalition.  We talked a lot about placing more power in women's hands - to make health decisions for themselves - even in countries where their lives are seen as "less than" those of men.  If you want to learn more about their work: 

Adrienne Germain will be speaking on Wednesday October 28, 2009 as part of a World Affairs Council of Connecticut lecture series - "Making Women's Rights and Health Central to Global Development".