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More sad news about newspapers
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The Hartford Courant is cutting another 100 jobs - including 30 in the news department.  That means the news staff size is roughly half of what it was at the start of 2008. (More here at the New Haven Independent)  Among those cut: Where We Live contributors Mark Pazniokas and Jesse Hamilton.  Paz covers state government as well as anyone in the country.  He's well respected, thorough and very tough.  Along with Chris Keating, he also writes the influential Capitol Watch blog.  He was also interviewed in this sadly "crystal ball" story on NPR called "Imagining a City Without its Daily Newspaper."  

Hamilton was the only Washington reporter left at the paper - and with two of the country's most powerful Senators, influential House members, and billions of federal aid coming to the states, it seems that might be an important position.... 

These are just a few of the dozens of talented people being let go by a paper that's sinking under it's parent company's weight - and is in jeopardy of losing it's place as the most important news source in the region.  As we talked about on a recent show, newspapers are at a crossroads - but in our changing business, the only thing we really know is that content matters.  And reporters, with good sources and strong journalistic skills provide that content.  When they go - what is left?  

More on this soon.

McEnroe Where We Live appearance video available (How exciting!)

Meanwhile, this guy from the Courant was let go from his gig at WTIC earlier this year.  It goes to show that newspapers aren't the only ones making poor personnel decisions.  When Colin was on the show a few weeks ago, we talked a bit about the newspaper industry.  It's now available in all it's video glory from CT-N.  He makes fun of my tie during the show, but you can't see the tie from the angle they're using.  He, however, gets to show off his chest hair.  Click here for more.