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Our guest for the show on "The Job Search," John Brubaker is answering questions and responding to comments on that show page...and there's some interesting stuff.  Like this comment about "employer etiquette:"

I do not understand why an employer expects these employees to be begging for jobs, but nearly across the board they display a lack of etiquette on their part.  It goes along with complaints from other people I've heard on air about how impersonal the process has become now that so many employers want your resume submitted online and it is nearly impossible to meet with someone face to face.

Or, this one about corporate loyalty (which seems to only go one way):

When I listen to people describe how they have lost their jobs, when I hear how 20+ year dedicated employees are terminated with small severance packages, I wonder what I should tell my kids about employer loyalty?  Does anyone owe anything to their employer anymore? Is job security a thing of the past? Should we all be worried as we approach our 50's that we will be replaced?

Keep comments coming - here or on the show page.  And, let us know if you want us to do more shows like this, that offer solutions to people's economic problems.  We're always open to suggestions.


It's one word that says so much.  Governor Jodi Rell, mired in a financial mess, presented a budget last week that not only didn't solve the state's deficit problems - but is all but moot now, given the Senate version of the federal stimulus package.  But yet, Connecticut residents overwhelmingly love what she is doing.  A 75 percent approval rating (in the new Quinnipiac Poll) is essentially as high as you can get in this climate - and speaks to the Governor's political savvy.  Not such good news for Senators Dodd and Lieberman, suffering from historic lows in popularity.  A beneficiary of their plummeting stock is Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who seems well positioned to take a Senate seat in the next 3 years...if he ever decides to run for anything else.   He just enjoys his job too much perhaps...