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More budget bits & pieces
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Capitol Region Reporter Anna Sale and I have been having fun pulling apart all of the various twists and turns in the state's budget drama.  The latest act?  Governor Jodi Rell going on CPTV's On The Record with Steve Kotchko, and basically saying that she knew her budget would contain flawed, old numbers...because there wasn't time to update an already printed document. It's a strange answer, but made stranger by her budget chief Bob Genuario giving a completely different explanation to reporters the day before.  Anna's story lays it out... 

That show also drove the Courant's coverage today.  They picked up on the Governor's tough talk about union talks.  

The Connecticut Post's Ken Dixon was listening to Where We Live on Thursday, as we talked about the Governor's budget.  He's interested in whether this might mean new taxes.

Dean Pagani's Media Attache Blog has a nice synopsis of the latest budget news, too - including a mention of the OTR interview.  (One more mention for Dean's blog.  He also beat us by a few weeks on an interview with Kevin O'Connor, former U.S. Attorney and current private practice lawyer.  Feel free to read Dean's blog, formulate some of your own questions about O'Connor's time in D.C., and send them to us at wherewelive@wnpr.org.  Then listen for the interview on February 17.)

Vanishing Middle Class Documentary Upcoming

Anthony Brooks, a former NPR reporter who has been heard hosting On Point and Here & Now recently, produced a compelling documentary for WBUR's Inside Out series on the American middle class.  Here's a short description:


Middle class American families are in distress. Despite the enormous increase in wealth in America over the past two decades, for most Americans in the middle, wages have been flat -- or even losing ground. At the same time, the costs of basic necessities, including housing, health care, food and education have continued to rise. "The Vanishing Middle Class: Inside Out" veteran NPR correspondent Anthony Brooks brings us stories of real families, and presents snap-shots of the growing challenges that many of them face. Our journey begins in Massachusetts, where the promise of hi-tech and a knowledge-based economy is leaving millions of Baystaters behind. We visit rural Vermont, where despite the beauty of the state’s green rolling hills, thousands of working families are struggling to heat their homes and make ends meet.  And Brooks speaks with leading economic experts about the causes and realities of the changing conditions facing the middle class.
Where We Live is presenting "The Vanishing Middle Class" documentary as a President's Day special on Monday, February 16th.  You can find out more on WBUR's website.  (Note: WNPR's Where We Live is working with Inside Out on another healthcare documentary for later this year.  In 2008, we helped present "The Doctor Can't See You Now" - about the growing shortage of primary care docs.