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More Than 300 CT Residents Lose Health Insurance Each Day
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HARTFORD -- Families USA, a national healthcare advocacy group, says 310 Connecticut residents lose their health insurance each week. The group released a new report today that estimates more than 6.9 million Americans will have lost their health insurance coverage between 2008 and 2010.  More than 48,600 Connecticut residents will lose their health benefits in the same period.

Families USA Executive Director, Ron Pollack, says those numbers are conservative.

"The numbers do not actually factor in the latest significant growth in the number of unemployed, and the real numbers are quite a bit higher."

Pollack says the main factor causing loss of coverage are skyrocketing insurance premiums, up 119 percent in the last decade.

As the report was being released, news broke that the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee approved the Affordable Health Choices Act, a $600 billion dollar measure that would expand health insurance to all Americans.

Senator Chris Dodd, who stood-in as committee chairman, says while the bill is not perfect, it's a good step towards healthcare reform.

"It's crippling our economy, it puts people at great risk in our nation, and I believe that when people have a chance to look at what we've proposed, along with other ideas that will come to the table, that we will have the votes. the American people are demanding it. They want this done."

The Senate Finance Committee must now craft its bill before legislation can be introduced for a vote on the Senate floor.