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Moose are on the Loose
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The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection is advising motorists to watch out for moose on the roads this spring. WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports.

This time of year young moose, who are about a year old, leave their mothers and set off to establish their own territories. In the past decade, a resident population has taken root in northern Connecticut, meaning animals are born and raised here. They live in forested areas and eat mostly leaves and twigs, especially aquatic vegetation. The Department of Environmental protection estimates there are about 100 moose in the state. The DEP’s Howard Kilpatrick says they can be quite large; as tall as six feet and weigh as much 1,400 pounds.

“If you see a moose in the woods enjoy the view. They are very majestic creatures. When you’re on the road, in places where moose might be seen stay alert, don’t speed and just be aware of your surroundings.”

The D.E.P. says drivers should be extra careful at dusk and after dark when moose are most active. Right now there are one to four accidents every year involving a car and a moose.

For WNPR I’m Nancy Cohen.