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Mohegan Sun to Cut Employees' Pay
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 The Mohegan Sun casino has announced it will cut workers’ pay, as it seeks improve its balance sheet while avoiding layoffs.

The Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority says senior management at the casino will see a ten percent cut in pay, and middle management seven-and-a-half percent.  Non-management and hourly paid workers will have their pay cut by four percent.  The cuts involve all of the casino’s almost ten thousand workers.  Officials say they need to take steps to maintain solvency in the face of falling revenues – Mohegan Sun has already halted a major construction project and cut payrolls by attrition, eliminating several hundred jobs.  But CEO Mitchell Etess says he felt it was important to avoid layoffs. 

"I think people realize we’re doing what we can to keep them working.  With unemployment as it is today if people would have been laid off this morning, there probably wouldn’t have been any place for them to go get a job, and people seem to be accepting that, and pleased with that.  Obviously no-one likes to come into work every day and know they’re making less than they made two weeks ago, but I think people are happy to have some place to come to work." 

Mohegan Sun’s closest competition, Foxwoods Resort Casino, handed out pink slips to 700 workers last year, around six percent of its workforce – those were the first major layoffs in its history.