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Men Asked to Step Up Against Domestic Violence
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Interval House, a shelter for domestic violence victims, is launching an initiative to raise awareness against the crime.

More than 30 men from local businesses, law enforcement agencies, and news organizations, have pledged their support to help Interval House fight domestic violence.

The men will raise awareness about the crime through community outreach such as visiting schools, and speaking with children and their families

State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is chairman of the Men Against Domestic Violence Campaign. He says men need to play a bigger role in stopping the cycle.

"Strong men won't let batterers go free and commit the crimes they do," says Blumenthal. "Strong men are part of this campaign, and they are using their strength to speak out and stand up against a problem that has become endemic and insidious in our society."

And, Blumenthal says the numbers are compelling: one out of three people in the US knows someone or has personally experienced domestic violence. And 72 percent of all men who commit domestic violence, experienced it in their own childhoods.

Hartford Police Chief Daryl Roberts says that 32 percent of aggravated assaults in the city are directly related to domestic violence.

"As men, we are protectors, and we should protect our homes," says Roberts. "We should not assault our companions and people that we love. It's important that we as men, take a stand against all violence, but especially domestic violence."

Last year, 22 people in Connecticut were killed because of family abuse.  Interval House is one of just two shelters in the state that are open 24/7.

The Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network has endorsed the "Men Make a Difference" Campaign.