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Mayor Perez Corruption Trial Likely To Begin February 2010
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A Connecticut judge has rejected Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez's request to drop all corruption charges against him.

Perez's attorney, Hubert Santos argued the charges should be dismissed because the Chief State's Attorneys office violated a state Supreme Court ruling when it included details from a sealed grand jury report in the arrest warrants.

And Santos says prosecutors should not have arrested Perez on new extortion charges just one week before jury selection was to begin on bribery charges filed against the Mayor earlier this year.

"In other words the state knew that the impact of filing these charges and the disclosure of the arrest warrant affadavit would inevitably create such an onslaught of prejudicial publicity that the chances are Mr. Perez could never get his trial on the 9th of September."

Superior Court Judge Julia DiCocco Dewey disagreed with Santos' arguments saying the state has the ability to add, amend, or drop charges against any defendent before a trial begins. But she decided to delay the case until at least February due to concerns that pretrial publicity would make it difficult to find unbiased jurors.

Neither Santos nor Perez would comment after the decision, although Santos indicated during the hearing that he'd appeal to the state Supreme Court.

Perez was arrested in January on charges he accepted a bribe from a city contractor. He was charged on Wednesday with trying to extort money from a developer. Perez says he's innocent.




Mayor corruption

Im sorry, whats the big deal.... I did nothing wrong but extort, bribe and use my power for personal gain. Who cares.. look at all the good I did for Hartford. Narcotic dealing is up 12 percent, murders are at all time high and I think its all the police's fault. But look at my gorgeous house and all the cheap repairs I have gotten. I'm sure the Hartford suckers will still vote me for a third term. hahahhahaha