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Mary Glassman on Transportation, Education and Cooperation
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Simsbury First Selectman Mary Glassman says only the Governor of Connecticut can make the big changes the state needs.  That's why she's running for the job, four years after running for Lieutenant Governor.  WNPR's John Dankosky has more.

Glassman's suburban town deals with many of the key issues facing the state - sprawl, transportation, and funding for education.  She told WNPR's Where We Live that many of these problems could be addressed by promoting greater regional cooperation between towns.  Things like sharing police forces or dispatch centers.  Or, taking on big public works projects together.

"It made no sense to me that Simsbury would pave a road up to the line in Avon.  And then, a week later, the town of Avon would pave the road up to the Simsbury line.  Where, if we joint bid that process, we probably would have saved a lot of money, and a lot of aggravation."

Glassman says that towns have not been given the incentives to cooperate - and that's something she'd promote as Governor.  

She agrees with other Democratic candidates that the state needs to adopt a more holistic transportation strategy as it competes for federal funds, but she disagrees with front-runner Ned Lamont on the New Britain to Hartford busway project.  Lamont says he would put that plan on hold.

"There's federal funding in place right now.  I've had repeated conversations with the commissioner of the of transportation. That money cannot be re-allocated, that's new start money.  So, if we switch gears again, we're going to lose out on those federal funds.  So, I think it's an opportunity to look at the busway, we have to keep those projects moving forward - we have to be a multi-modal state."

Glassman also said it's important for the state to focus on ways to keep its young people in Connecticut after college - because we're paying to educate them, and then losing that resource.  

Glassman currently trails Lamont and former Stamford mayor Dan Malloy in the race for the Democratic nomination.

For WNPR, I'm John Dankosky.