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Majority of Public College Graduates Stay and Work in the State
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The report, by the state Departments of Labor and Higher Education, identified job outcomes of public college students who graduated in 2007.

Part of the report looked at what students were earning before they entered college and what they earned six to nine months after they graduated. It found that 70 percent of the nearly 18,000 graduates earned an average of $40,000 thousand dollars a year. Some earned double that number, by working in utilities, like electric or water companies.

Connecticut's Higher Education Commissioner Michael Meotti said the report refutes the widespread notion that college students leave the state after they graduate.

"We've been able to show now, many years running, that this is not the case," Meotti said in a phone intervew. "Most of these graduates stay in Connecticut, they work in Connecticut, and they earn substantial incomes, largely as a result of getting this college degree, which gives them earnings power much higher than what they had before they entered college."

Meotti said the report's findings show that it's the college educated individuals who become an important part of the state's workforce. "If you're concerned about the direction of the Connecticut economy, there is no better investment the state can make than doing whatever it takes to increase the educational level of our state's population. What these numbers do is they prove that point."

The greatest numbers of employed graduates majored in Business Management, followed by Education, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Health Professions. And almost two out of three of the employed graduates were women.

Meotti said he expects the current state of the economy to produce slightly lower post graduate employment rates in the future. Regardless, he says education is the driver behind an individual's ability to find work and increase their earning power.

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