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Lou DeLuca Says Lawmakers Are Unfair
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Former Republican state senator Louis DeLuca says he's been unfairly singled out by state legislators after he was convicted of a misdemeanor last year. WNPR's Marie Kuhn reports.

Louis DeLuca, resigned from the State Legislature last November after being convicted on a misdemeanor charge for asking former trash hauler, James Galante, to threaten his granddaughter's husband. DeLuca had said he believed she was being physically abused.

Now one year later....DeLuca says certain state legislators should also be investigated for their behavior.

"I'm not judging whether they were right, did they do the incident, they were wrong -- all I'm saying that it's a strong coincidence that there is no investigation, and they're all democrats. What a shock. "

Deluca wouldn't name lawmakers but cited examples of incidents that should be investigated including the forgery of an application for public campaign funds, witnessing a bribe, drunk driving and the sexual abuse of minors. He also defended why he's bringing these allegations up now.

"I know I did something wrong, I'm not here to alibi, I'm not here to excuse my own actions. I'm here to say that a number of other things rose at least to my level, if not above, and should have been investigated."

Spokesman for the Senate Democrats Derek Slap says people should remember that DeLuca was charged with a crime.

"If there is a member of the state senate who is accused of wrong doing, we would absolutely look at that. That is not the case, so we're going to focus on what people want us to focus on, and that's solving the budget deficit."

Slap says there was broad bi-partisan support and agreement on how DeLuca's case was handled. DeLuca was also investigated by the state's ethics committee. He finally settled the complaint, paying a $2,500 fine.