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Locating Creativity: LIVE!
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Tonight at 5:30, Where We Live continues our series of conversations about rethinking Hartford at Real Art Ways.  Our subject: "Locating Creativity."  We'll try to see if Hartford is ready to support a "creative class" of people in all fields, business, innovation, design and art.  We'll connect with the city's own "One City, One Plan" initiative, which is finally trying to bring together decades of disparate planning ideas.  We'll benchmark against other places that have put these ideas in motion, like our friends to the East, Providence.  

Our reception at Real Art Ways starts at 5:30, the taping begins at 6.  Bring your ideas and vision for a "creative economy."  For more information about what the heck I'm talking about, check out our WWL@RAW collaborative blog, with contributions from Senior Producer Catie Talarski, and Will K. Wilkins and Abby Ohlheiser from Real Art Ways.  

Rick Green of the Hartford Courant wants you to go...he'll even buy you a beer!