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Local Company Seeks to Build First CT Hydrogen Refueling Station
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Proton Energy Systems, one of the state’s fuel cell companies, says it’s seeking to open Connecticut’s first hydrogen refueling station later this year. WNPR’s Harriet Jones reports.

Right now, the only hydrogen powered vehicles in Connecticut are buses that operate in Hartford, and also a small fleet of demonstration cars made by GM. But proponents say the technology will never take off until the infrastructure for fueling is in place.

To that end, Wallingford-based Proton Energy Systems has submitted plans for a hydrogen fueling station to the town’s planning and zoning board. Proton wants to site the facility at its own headquarters property, the first of several it’s planning to develop on the East Coast. The company is aiming to open the station by this summer, and then a second one in Boston before the end of the year.

Proton was involved in supplying technology for a hydrogen refueling station that opened on Long Island in October of last year, one of sixteen stations around the country it’s been involved in. No hydrogen powered private car is commercially available currently, but more and more prototypes are being developed, and the company anticipates that they may be on the market in about 2015, as a competing technology with all-electric cars. There will be a public hearing on the plans early next week.

For WNPR, I'm Harriet Jones.