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Legislature Formulates New Employment Strategies
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The legislature will resume efforts next month to stimulate jobs growth in Connecticut, even as the state continues to lose employment.  WNPR’s Harriet Jones reports.

So far in this recession, Connecticut has lost 80,000 jobs, and many observers believe it may hit 100,000 before the worst is over.  UConn economist Professor Fred Carstensen says in fact the recession has just accelerated a long term trend in the state.

"We've been losing high-wage, high-skill jobs, we've been replacing them with low-wage, low-skill jobs.  Overall, we've not been creating any net new jobs at all, so it's been essentially a one-for-one replacement historically over the last twenty years, and that's very, very troubling."

Legislators and the Governor have been seeking a new economic development strategy that can be more effective at putting people back to work.  House Majority leader Denise Merrill says Connecticut has to focus on its home grown talent:

"We're talking much more about small business, entrepreneurial development, a look at exports, how do we get capitol into new and emerging areas of growth and of course like most places, we're talking about one of those areas being green jobs."

Economists are also urging policymakers to invest in high tech areas like stem cell research and to focus on fixing the state’s high energy prices and transportation infrastructure.

For WNPR, I'm Harriet Jones.