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Lamont Speaks On Tolls, Taxes, and Sunday Liquor Sales
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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont addressed tolls, taxes, and Sunday liquor sales in a taping of a weekend news talk show. WNPR’s Jeff Cohen reports.

On WFSB’s Face the State with Dennis House, Lamont said he’s not sure toll technology is where it needs to be to bring tolls back to the state’s highways. He also said that while he’s not opposed to Sunday liquor sales, he doesn’t see opening package stores on Sundays as a way to make the state a lot of money.

Lamont announced his candidacy for governor pushing economic development and job growth. Asked how he would work to balance the state’s budget, Lamont said that he doesn’t think tax hikes are the solution.

“We have not earned the right to raise anybody’s taxes.”

But does that mean he wouldn’t raise taxes to help balance the budget if elected?

“No I don’t think you can say that, not when you’re confront a three point two billion dollar deficit. Or whatever it is. Whenever people say, ‘Read my lips no new taxes,’ they always end up raising my taxes. So I’m not going to make some false promise out there.”

When asked who would feel the brunt of any Lamont tax hikes, the candidate said it is too early to start talking taxes. But, Lamont said any increases would reflect his party’s values and promote economic growth.

For WNPR, I’m Jeff Cohen.

NOTE: WFSB’s Face the State will air Sunday morning at 11 on Channel 3.