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Joseph Visconti Will Ask Federal Government to Investigate New Haven
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First Congressional district candidate, Joseph Visconti in WNPR's Studio 4First Congressional district candidate, Joseph Visconti in WNPR's Studio 4First Congressional district candidate, Joseph Visconti is running against Congressman John Larson this fall.  
He says illegal immigration is an issue that voters care about.  So, he plans on filing a formal complaint with the US Attorney's office next week that asks the government to launch a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) probe against the city of New Haven due to its municipal ID card program.  
All New Haven residents including illegals can apply for the ID which connects them to city services.  
Visconti says the city violates RICO because the ID offers benefits to illegal immigrants. 
"Whether it's charity, whether it's tax dollars or whether they actually derive an income from their work to harbor illegal aliens is a federal crime and if it's done collectively then it would fall under racketeering."
Associate Law Professor at Quinnipiac University, Jeffrey Meyer says it's highly unlikely the federal government would investigate the city under RICO. 
"Often times it's used by the government going after criminal gangs, sometimes in the cases of sophisticated wire frauds, and other financial fraud. I cannot think in my many years as a federal prosecutor ever being used against a state or local government because that state or local government pursued a policy that was at odds or contention with a federal policy."
Meyer says it would be more appropriate to sue New Haven on grounds that the program conflicts with federal law. 
The Congressional district Visconti is running in doesn't include New Haven but Visconti says he's weighing in because the city of Hartford recently passed a policy, similar to New Haven's, that prohibits police from asking individuals about citizenship status. Visconti says he doesn't want Hartford to become a Sanctuary City.