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Jobs Take Biggest Plunge in Five Years
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Connecticut lost more than three and a half thousand jobs from September to October.

That was the largest one month drop in almost five years.  The state also saw its unemployment rate jump from six-point-one percent to six-point-five percent, equal to the national average.  Employment is now at its lowest level for 2008, and is lower than the total in October last year.  The losses were highest in education and health services.

State labor economist John Tirinzonie says this may be just the beginning of the bad news.

"At this point we're certainly going to see a lot more job losses than we're going to see any type of positive gains, at least in the next six to nine months.   Initially we had estimated the state would lose somewhere in the area in jobs, here in Connecticut only, about 25,000 to 35,000, and it looks like that number may even unfortunately go higher." 

A forecast just issued by the New England Economic Partnership projects that Connecticut will lose 62 thousand jobs through the middle of 2010.