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The toughest job you will ever love...
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Photo by volliem Flickr Creative CommonsIt’s that time again. Kids are back in school, the leaves are starting to turn and the classified ads are showing up at the breakfast table. Ever since our youngest child started first grade, my husband has placed a variety of help wanted ads in front of me, trying to encourage me back into the work force. I have applied for some of these jobs, but rather half-heartedly.

Apparently he is under the impression that as soon as everyone leaves the house, I turn on the soap operas, break out the hidden bon-bons and sit and relax the day away. While this is a nice fantasy, I wonder how he thinks the laundry gets clean, folded and put away? Where do the clean towels come from? How the bathroom and indeed many of the rooms in the house get clean? Does the hot meal just magically appear on the table? Who drives our children to their various after school activities? I think he knows the answers to all of these questions. I also realize that in these times of financial insecurity, a little extra cash would be welcome. In fact, a lot of extra cash would be great.

College tuition isn’t cheap, and now that our oldest is attending one of the community colleges in the area with our other three not far behind, I am wondering how we will manage to pay for it all? It’s a hard thing to return to the work force after eighteen years, but I think I’ll have to take a second look at those ads. Just as soon as I finish raking all those leaves.