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Israeli UN Ambassador Visits CT
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Gabriela Shalev, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, was in Connecticut on Thursday.  She spoke with state residents, lawmakers and business leaders in West Hartford

Ambassador Gabriela Shalev described the current situation in Israel as “volatile”  -  not only in the aftermath of the Gaza war,  but also as the country works to form a new governing coalition. Speaking to reporters, Shalev said that Israel’s greatest challenge moving forward is Iran.  "Iran that is supporting, financing, standing behind terrorist groups and developing nuclear capabilities. So we see Iran as the main threat."

Shalev says Israel is hopeful that President Obama’s efforts to engage Iran will bring progress, "because otherwise we are back to the bad options which is developing nuclear capabilities or the other options which are always on the table."

Gabriela Shalev became Israel’s first female ambassador to the United Nations in September 2008.