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Interacting with NPR
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I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of NPR interactive items that are brand-new and pretty interesting.  Ken Rudin, NPR's "Political Junkie" has adapted his weekly column into a regular blog.  You can comment, post, and rant back and forth with Ken, a very funny guy who's become a regular presence as an NPR political pundit, and has a crazy-big collection of political buttons.  

The network is also hosting an online chat with NPR Foreign Correspondent Ivan Watson. Watson and several other members of NPR's Baghdad Bureau narrowly escaped injury in a bomb attack on their armored vehicle in Western Baghdad this weekend. (In case you didn't hear the story, here it is from today's Morning Edition. You can join in through the chat module below - it's set to go live tomorrow at noon (12pm Eastern, Tuesday 12/2).