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How cool is this? "Where We Blog" Live!
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Our "Where We Blog" blog is now officially live, and we're pretty excited now.  Nothing worse than blogging with nobody able to read.  In this space, we'll be asking for your comments, questions and suggestions.  Sometimes, we'll be mining for new content for an upcoming show.  Sometimes, it'll be an effort to "continue the conversation" after our hour is up...and a lot of time, I've found there's much more to talk about.  You'll note some other cool features on our page as well.

  • There's now more space for our "featured" program - usually the most recent show.
  • You can view our Google map of Where We Live on the Road, and watch for content updates as we head outside the studios.
  • There's a list of past guests, so you can check out the interesting people we've had on the show, and re-listen to programs you may have missed.
  • And, now there's a two-tab feature for Past and Future shows.  You can listen to recent programs with our flash players!


We'll still welcome comments or questions on our Future show pages, as well as at wherewelive@wnpr.org.  Or, just start leaving me comments here.  I'll read 'em and get back to you.  

So, starting now, tell us what you think. Leave comments about how it all looks, what you'd like to see us do with "Where We Blog," and how you might want to contribute ideas or comments.