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Homeland Security Secretary Addresses Coast Guard Academy Commencement
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Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has told cadets graduating from the Coast Guard Academy that she's seeking to improve funding for the service. She also unveiled a new mission statement for the Coast Guard.

The graduating class of 2009 was commissioned into a service that reports directly to the Department of Homeland Security. Secretary Napolitano described them as the tip of the spear in disaster relief efforts, and said there's never been more demand for Coast Guard services, not least to combat the rising threat of piracy.

But she said she will continue to fight for new resources for the Coast Guard.

"We have a request of almost $10b for the next fiscal year, including new surface and air assets, communications, shore facilities, marine safety personnel, armed helicopters, command control centers, and improvement to financial management. In an age of tight budgets and competing priorities, we will ensure that the Coast Guard is properly funded to achieve its mission."

Napolitano announced the release of a new version of what's known as Publication 1, the capstone document that contains the Coast Guard's guiding principles. This is the first revision to the document in seven years.