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Heritage, Happiness...
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Great fun talking about family histories today with Susan Campbell of the Courant.  Make sure to visit the slideshow for Catie Talarski's story "Proud to be Polish" - which led our discussion.  The 1954 Talarski family portrait is priceless...

The listener responses ranged from very engaged (tracing family back to the Mayflower) to sad about the lack of connection to ancestory.  We also got this from emailer Gail: I have always been told by my family that we are simply "American mutts" and feel a bit sad at the lack of some ethnic/cultural heritage.  How do I get started researching my family history?

It prompted us to talk about President-elect Obama's "mutt like me" comment in his first major press conference, post-election. See below:


Happiness in the News

Following in the footsteps of our happiness show with NPR's Eric Weiner, we hear another story about happiness...this time about it's viral properties.  To find out more, click here.