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Health Coverage Bill Supporters Rally on Eve of Veto Deadline
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Governor Rell has until midnight Wednesday to veto the two bills or they become law. 

"We can't wait, We can't wait." 

About two hundred anxious supporters gathered on the steps of the Capitol to urge the governor to sign the legislation. One bill would open up the state employee insurance pool to municipalities, nonprofits, and small businesses. The other would establish a board to make recommendations to bring down costs and expand access to eventually make health care coverage universal in the state.

"We can no longer wait for universal health care."

Pastor Abraham Hernandez is with the Christian Coalition for Social Change.

"We recognize that this is a very pivotal day in this state. It's on the eve of a decision that needs to be made by our governor. And we ask that the way you're touched the hearts of king and rulers of the past, you touch the heart of Governor Rell to do what is right."

Governor Rell has expressed concerns about the timing and eventual costs of the two bills, but her office would not say whether she plans to veto them.

If she does, bill supporters say they'll try for a legislative override. At the rally, House Speaker Chris Donovan emphasized the bills' broad support among lawmakers.

"It passed overwhelmingly in the House and the Senate. You did it."

But in the Senate, neither bill passed with veto-proof margins because some absent Democratic senators did not vote. And while a handful of representatives joined the rally, senators were also absent there.