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Hartford Mayor Mike Peters Laid to Rest
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Before leading the city, Peters had a 22-year career with the Hartford Fire Department. 
On this day, a lone fire truck was positioned in front of St Augustine Church in the city's South End as a tribute to the man most knew as "Mayor Mike."  The truck's tower ladder stood raised until the Mayor's casket was carried into the church.  It was the same fire truck that gave Mayor Mike a ride on the last day of his term in 2001.  
Police Chief Daryl Roberts was among the city residents and officials who came to say goodbye.  Roberts says he has fond memories of Mayor Mike back when Roberts was a young sergeant. 
"He pulled over to me and says, 'You know what, young man? You're going places on this job. Keep up the good work.'  Good thing about Mayor Mike is that he made everyone feel important.  So, we lost a true champion for the city. He's a man who really had a passion for Hartford."
John Rowland was Governor during Mayor Mike's last years in office. Rowland says many people remember the Mayor's fun personality but he also got a lot done for the city
"And what I liked about him was there was a lot of loyalty and he was willing to look past any partisan issues. So, we were a great team. It made it easy for me to wrap my arms around Hartford"
Rowland says Mayor Mike's love for Hartford shined through his four terms at city hall. 
"He was the father and he looked at it as a child land and he took great pride. He treated it that way, he loved the people..he worked twenty hours a day and I don't think he would have traded the last 30 years of his life for anything and it's so sad to see him go at an early age."
Mayor Mike was sixty years old when he died on Sunday from liver failure complications. He was buried at Hartford's historic Cedar Hill Cemetery. 

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