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Hartford Celebrates Obama Victory
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An election party in Hartford's Union StationHundreds of voters in downtown Hartford broke out in jubilation with news that Senator Barack Obama was elected the President of the United States.

An Election Watch party inside Hartford's Union Station swept out into the streets.

The mood was reminiscent of a celebration after a college championship game, except voters young and old were celebrating a defining moment in America's history as Obama becomes the first black Commander in Chief.

Inside as Obama supporters took turns at the podium addressing the crowd, Angela Griffin of Simsbury wiped tears from her eyes as she contemplated what the moment meant to her.

"I'm ecstatic and so proud of our country that we've shown the world we didn't allow race to stand in our way from working together for what's best for all of the American people I couldn't be prouder."

25 year old Ronnie Brown, Jr  from Newington was one of many young black men also celebrating the moment

"It really means I so can do it too. I can go ahead and do different things as far as going back to school and working harder and it's just motivation. It's about motivation that you can do it and seeing somebody in the that position means you want to get there yourself."

The mood was much quieter at the state Republican party election night gathering in New Britain Republican party chair, Chris Healy says the losses in the Presidential, congressional and local state races were disappointing

" On a national level, we lost our way over the last 4 to 6 years in terms of our spending priorities in Washington. In terms of the programs and policies that republicans signed up for...which really did noghting to creat opportunity but created more govt."

Hartford residents clelbrate an Obama victory.But back at the Obama party in Hartford Lisa Mooss-Mecchi summed up what the night meant to many voters not just in Connecticut but across the country.

"Christmas came early this is the best possible gift!"

Obama's landslide in Connecticut was also a gift to the state democrats.

The thousands of new voters boosted the party's margins in the state house and senate and led to the upset of Republican Chris Shays in the 4th congressional district.