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Happy Birthday to us!
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So, this is what three feels like.  

We started Where We Live on this day in 2006, just as an amazing political season was heating up.  Ned Lamont's challenge to Joe Lieberman put Connecticut in the national spotlight, and we were right in the middle of the fun.   

The first show was called "Shades of Blue" - about what kind of Democratic Party was emerging.  Our guest was Bill Curry, our friend and political analyst (he came back to help us celebrate today). 

The show on day two? Dental care for children.  

That's kind of been the point of Where We Live...not just politics or policy, but issues that are important to our listeners.  Some that people are already talking about...but hopefully more that they're hearing about from us for the first time.

As we celebrate this anniversary, I want to thank our founding producers, Diane Orson and George Goodrich.  For years, before becoming the country's best education reporter, Diane produced The Faith Middleton Show (once known as Open Air New England).  She helped give our show shape and substance, and set a pretty high bar for us to try to clear.  

George left us this past year, after helping to craft the sound of the show.  He gave us all the tools and formats that allow us to sound like we know what we're doing each day.  I also owe thanks to producers Melissa Blanksteen and Evette Cook for helping us to grow the program, and transistion to its success today. 

The team I work with every day is the most talented staff anyone could ever hope for.  Producer Libby Conn is a voracious reader, and our "futurist."  Whenever there's a show called "The Future of ______" - that's Libby.  Senior Producer Catie Talarski is my brain.  She figures out how to make this work on a daily basis.  She's also the driving force behind the show's diversity and vision.  (If it was up to me, we'd probably talk politics every day.  Zzzzzz.....)

They are both endlessly creative and fascinated by radio storytelling - it's not a surprise that both of them graduated from prestigious documentary schools.  I'm lucky to have this great team, along with some exceptional interns, and the news staff of WNPR to help us produce Where We Live.  

The biggest part is you.  Listeners, callers, emailers and Tweet-ers make the show sound like Connecticut...the place where we live.  So, thanks...and Happy Birthday!  


By the way, if you're dying to watch video of our Wednesday wrap-up of the legislative session, it's available on demand now from CT-N.