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Groups Discuss Electric Rates and "Green" Jobs
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State lawmakers have been meeting with representatives of consumer, business and municipal groups this month to investigate how to lower electric rates and increase green jobs in the state. WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports.       

House speaker Chris Donovan
organized two working groups that are discussing ways to improve the state’s economy by lowering energy costs and creating new jobs. Plumbers, laborers, and officials from area colleges are meeting to discuss how to generate green jobs in the state, such as jobs that make homes more energy efficient. The electric rate working group includes  utilities, manufacturers,  and representatives from senior citizen, low income consumer groups and municipalities. State representative Vickie Nardello chairs both of the working groups. She says in this tough economy, Connecticut’s sky-high electric rates are resulting in job loss in some sectors:

“I’m particularly concerned about manufacturing. I’ve had a number of contacts with manufactures in the state of Connecticut. What a severe impact the high electric rates are having on their businesses.”

The two working groups are expected to make recommendations for policy changes and new legislation by February first.

For WNPR I’m Nancy Cohen.