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Green Party Fighting to be Heard
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Green Party Congressional Candidates make their case on WNPR's Where We LiveThough Republicans and Democrats have dominated headlines for months, Connecticut's  Green Party is also running candidates in all five districts in next week's congressional elections.  

Despite being shut out of a handful of debates and fighting for media attention on limited budgets, Connecticut Greens say they're running for office to win. Stephen Fournier, Scott Deshefy, Ralph Ferrucci, Richard Duffee, and Harold Burbank, the five Green candidates for Connecticut's Congressional seats appeared on WNPR's Where We Live Monday and outlined their party's key values.

The five roundly criticized the bi-partisan federal bailout bill and called for criminal prosecution of Bush administration officials.  On health care, they aggreed that neither the Obama nor the McCain plans give Americans what they need, a single-payer healthcare system.

Harold Burbank of Canton is running the the 5th District:

"The Green Party has been for single-payer, centralized, universal healthcare coverage since it's founding.  It would cover everyone.  No one would be excluded-- regardless of age, disablity, pre-existing conditions, all the things that HMOs and private insurance tend to reject.  And no one in this country would die or fail for lack of health care again.

This is the first time the Green Party has fielded a full slate of congressional candidates on Connecticut.