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Governor Vetoes Two Health Care Bills
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Governor Rell has vetoed two bills aimed at expanding health care access.

In her veto message, the governor called the bills well-intentioned, but she said they would cost too much money when the state is already deep in deficit.
One of the bills would have put Connecticut on the path to universal health care but would have delayed costs until the next two-year budget. It would have set up a board to develop recommendations to bring down costs and expand health coverage.

The other bill would have opened up the state employee insurance pool to municipalities, nonprofits, and small businesses. Rell vetoed a similar bill last year.

Along with her veto message, Rell announced she is forming a Health Care Reform Advisory Board to develop policies in response to federal health care changes.

Supporters of the two bills have said they will lobby for a legislative override. House Speaker Chris Donovan says that's a possibility.

"We certainly are looking at that as well. There was strong support in the House. There was strong support in the Senate. And I'll be talking to the Senate President to find out if we have to votes to overturn."

Neither bill passed the Senate with veto-proof margins, but not because there were too many votes against them. Rather, it was because there were absent Democratic Senators who did not vote.