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Golden Arches Along State Highways May Disappear
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The sight of McDonald’s golden arches along Connecticut’s highways may soon go the way of Howard Johnson’s orange roofs.  Negotiations are underway for a new vendor to manage the state’s 23  service plazas.

State Department of Transportation officials may soon strike a deal with Doctors Associates Inc, the parent company of Subway sandwich shops, to take over rest areas along Interstates 95, 395 and the Merritt Parkway.  The DOT wants to see the facilities upgraded and improved.  The state is also seeking more revenue.  If an agreement is reached, Subway says it would create food courts.

Jim Delaney of New Jersey travels through Connecticut each summer to vacation in New England.  At a rest area along Route 95 in Branford, he admits he’d miss stopping at McDonalds.  "....the quickness of everything. Because I’ve traveled many of these roads and I’m so accustomed to McDonald’s I don’t see any reason why they should be replaced."

But Heather Dyer of Avon, Connecticut likes the idea of a food court. "I think its good in the sense it gives variety of choices for people. Its sad to see McDonald’s go, but if they’re being replaced by healthy choices it’s a great idea." 

McDonald’s has operated the rest areas along Route 95 in Connecticut since 1985.